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Ziona Chana, Indian man who had 39 wives passes away

Ziona Chana, Indian man who had 39 wives passes away
Ziona Famliy

The 76-year-old man, who was thought to be the patriarch of the world's largest family and had 39 wives and 94 children, passed away on Sunday in India. Ziona Chana is the leader of a small polygamous Christian community and has 167 family members in total. According to the local press, his family is the largest in the world with 167 members, including 33 of his grandchildren.

Winston Blackmore, who oversees polygamy for the Mormon community in Canada, has 178 family members total—150 kids from 27 marriages.

In Baktawng, a secluded village in Mizoram that has gained popularity as a destination for tourists, Ziona and her family reside in a gorgeous pink four-story structure with about 100 rooms.

ziona family

Ziona's father started the organization known as "Chana" in 1942, and it now includes hundreds of families. Ziona claims to have wed 10 wives in a year, having wed his first wife at the age of 17.

They share a room in a dormitory next to the family head's private quarters, and the locals claim he prefers to always have his seven or eight wives close by.

Ziona admitted to Reuters in 2011 that she wanted to expand her family despite already having a sizable one.

I'm prepared to grow my family and am open to getting remarried, he declared.

"I feel myself fortunate since I have so many people to take care of and look after."

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